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Welcome to Barakaldo


Tourist Office
Vista del BEC (Oficina de Turismo)

Useful information
Información de Interés (Vista aérea del BEC)
What to see?
¿ Qué ver en Barakaldo ?
Guided tours
Recorridos guiados (Puente del diablo -Zubileta)
Where to sleep?
¿ Dónde alojarse ?
Shops and restaurants
¿ Dónde comer ?
  Leisure and shows
 ¿ Dónde tomar copas ?


Barakaldo is a city which has experimented a great transformation which has involved the improvement of its citizens' lives and the perception of those who visit us at the same time.

The new Barakaldo is a transformed city plenty of pedestrian areas where people may walk, meet, talk or enjoy different events. Moreover, there is a gorgeous Botanical Garden in the centre and our streets are full of sculptures, standing out the crystal designed subway entrances.

It has shopping arcades and leisure time centres (Megapark, Max-Centre and Max-Ocio) and the biggest and most important exhibition site in the northern Spain (BEC). Besides, Barakaldo is also the cultural centre of our territory with a great offer, leaded by Barakaldo's Theatre.

We expect this web may show our cultural, gastronomic, shopping and leisure offer and be a good instrument to know our city to be able to enjoy it.